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The Laughing Pear’s Other Divisions of Popularity i.e. Hospitality Financial Planners, Guest Services Strategists, Food and Beverage Consulting, Commercial/Private Kitchen Developers

Hello to all our Laughing Pear fans and support groups.  We really appreciate all your support in what you do for us and good deeds never go unnoticed around here…That I promise!

It has been a while since, I, Chef Dave has been in the blog world.  So I thought it would be a great idea to discuss our other divisions we have here at The Laughing Pear Group!  Not just discuss, but really get into the nuts and bolts of each division and perhaps one day you may say, “Oh my goodness, I remember the blog Chef Dave wrote about his Hospitality Financial Planner tools.  Perhaps he can help us with our budgetary concerns we have before we send this off to corporate.”

Who knows?  In today’s age anything is possible, right?  So I wanted to get this out, and give you a sneak peak as to what will be coming up in the next 15 days total.  And I promise I will not bore you.  I believe, if you are here and reading this, than this is of interest to you!  As most of you know, I love to mentor, coach, and train.  As a Chef I believe you should give back what was so freely given *{Well, not always, there are a lot of Sh%T Head Executive Chefs our there! Total truth} to you, and that is the knowledge and power you were taught coming up in the food chain of F & B.  The ins and outs of the business, any good advice you may give, and of course share your recipes with others.  I am going to go off topic here for a minute if I may; any recipe, either mine or yours or the Chef down the block will all have their own style of that recipe.   So when I do R & D for a new  recipe, say that I want to put on my menu, there is a specific recipe that is mine, correct?  It is how the dish comes out in the end that matters.  So if I give the same recipe to 10 Chefs and say you may place your own flare or style on it, I swear no two dishes will look the same.  That is what is great about this business, even after 25 years I can still think of new and innovative ways to tickle and tantalize your senses.  And that I say with all the humility in the world!

Please allow me to give one example here:  T. Kellrs recipe book from The French Laundry has tons of his recipe’s. * *(I have eaten there.  You have not had a true culinary experience if you have not eaten there.  Get there and if you have to spend your last time, you will never forget it).  Now how well can you follow his recipes is key.  Some of them are so advanced you almost need a surgeon to help you.  I hope I am making sense.  Mr. Kellrs does not care if you have his recipes, because he knows his will be the best.  Plus, he could have left out a secret ingredient.  I think my point is clear and well understood.  My recipes are open to the world.  THERE MY RANT IS OVER.  THANK YOU! (SORRY FOR THE RANT)

Here are the other four divisions of The Laughing Pear Group  that we will be discussing:  Pricing, some of our strategies, a few key components to optimizing you cash flow, how to keep a guest coming back to you year after year, and many trade secrets…well not to many, but some..I look forward to  working on number one first this week.

1.   Food and Beverage Consultants

2.  Commercial/Private Kitchen Developers

3.  Financial Hospitality Planners

4.  Guests Services Strategists

Thanks again to all my Laughing Pear Members and all of our awesome fans……Chef Dave signing off…..

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