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What Exactly is the Meaning of an Amuse-Bouche/Amuse-Gueule..Huum, Ever Wonder, Less Ever Hear That Term Before?

Hello fellow foodies.  Chef Dave here from The Laughing Pear Group in Park City.  Well,have I wanted to share something really cool with all of you.  This term you may never have heard of, but then again many of you may have heard this term.  It is something we call in the culinary world an Amuse-Bouche or a Amuse-Gueule.  It is the French derivative for “Appetizer”.  Usually referring to a one or two bite sized portion of something extra special and not on the menu or as part of the meal per say.  It should be an  item that is extremely thought through, and one that really tickles the taste-buds to awaken the senses.  To me, I try and hit on as many senses as possible, i.e. taste, smell, site, and yes sometimes sound.  I really try to think outside the box on my Amuses.  To me they are extremely important and they are very fun!  So why are they so important to this Chef.  Because it is the first item your guest will taste from the Chef.  And you only get one chance to make that first awesome impression; which in turn will set the tone for the rest of the evening.  Makes good sense to me!   I like for the Amuse to be the first item of food that any guest tastes, even before bread and butters.  Especially before any kind of butter served with garlic or herbs, because that will just ruin the whole Amuse experience.  In restaurants that are 4 Star,they are typically served.  In a  5 Star restaurant, you are sure to get an Amuse.  Now these so called “Amuse Bouches” can be in form of a liquid (Which you must get very creative on.) For instances, a “Chilled Honeydew Martini with Droplets of Both Red and Golden Beet Reduction and a Fragrance of Citrus.”  Now that sounds good! And I would not end there.  I would also incorporate some texture to the (Non-Alcoholic) Martini.  Moreover, the glass you would serve this in is a big decision.  Why you may ask, because you want to only serve an ounce and a half at the most.  I have a love for funky and sexy glassware out in the marketplace today, as the choices are virtually endless.  Good Luck and next I will be discussing non-liquid Amuse Bouches.  Bon-Appetite!!!

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