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What Exactly is Charcuterie/What is The Meaning of Charcuterie? Some Already Know, But Many Do Not, Let,s Learn

Hello Fellow Foodies.  I was going back and looking at a winter menu I did from last year.  I had an amazing display of Charcuterie on the menu and we sold a nice abundance  of it as well.  Charcuterie is taken from the term”Cuiseur de Chair”.  Which translate to the meaning of “Cooker of Meat”.  It has been considered a French Culinary Art since as early as the 15th Century.  Charcuterie usually and classically refers to Pork Products.  Sausages, Pates, Any Kind of Smoked Meat Products,  Rillettes, Galantines, Crepinettes, etc.  These products were and still are sold in delicatessen  style shops, also called a Charcuterie.  As the years have progressed and even on my platters, I often incorporate all kinds of other delicious meat products cooked in the same fashion.

Well friends and foodies, time for Chef Dave to take off and tend to some business here at The Laughing Pear Group.  I also wanted to thank all of you who support us on Facebook, and if you do not, we would really appreciate all the support we can get on all social media outlets.  Bon Appetit!

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