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Flavors, Appearance and Textures – What more can a Chef Say

Appetizer Anyone Some of our favorite dishes here at the Laughing Pear.  We have many pictures and we are getting many requests for the recipes of these pictures.   Our food can be a little complex at times, but never let that scare you!  Food to me is art and fun.  It really s all about trial and error.  So you mess up once or twice, no biggie.  Above we have cherry tomatoes which you can buy for a great price.  And even though we tend to make the mozzarella, you can find them at some good local grocery stores.  Add a little balsamic reduction, a little greens and you and your guests are in heaven.

One of my personal favorites. This is truly one of my favorite desserts out there.  It is more of a summer time dish with the peach.  You could get creative and use a plum, nectarine, or whatever your imagination comes up with.  This is a simple dessert and your guests will think you slaved all day over it.  The bottom is a type of danish/croissant dough.  Hard to find and trust me, yo do not want to make it fresh. Go with puff pastry that you can buy at you favorite local grocery store.  As you can see I just cut out a circle and baked it!
The peach I cut in half, removed the pit of course, and then take some brown sugar and white sugar and place the sugar on a platter or sheet tray and then place the peaches faced downward on in the sugar.  Let rest there for at 3/4 hours.  If you really want to get a little jazzed add some Kirsch into the sugar mixture.  Yum Yum.  Make sure you bake your dough until golden brown.  After the peaches have rested get a non stick pan ready and place some of the sugar mixture the peaches are resting in in the pan.  Turn on high and just when the sugar starts to melt  place your fruit face down.  Let is caramelize and get nice and hard.  After that place on your toasted puff pastry, add some berries to your pan, some Kirsch, ladle over top and immediately place some ice cream or flavored whipped cream on top and serve immediately. Remember, good food brings smiles to everyone!  I will explain the next two in my next addition, so stay tuned.

One of my personal favorites.

Citrus Seared Salmon

A Divinity of Flavors
A Divinity of Flavors

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