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The “2012 – Searing Summer of Fun” Supper Club Events are Here!!

I am proud to announce our next big Laughing Pear “Supper Club” Event!  We present our “2012-Searing Summer of Fun” Supper Club Evening.  This, our first in a series of four for summer 2012.  This Laughing Pear Supper club event 2012 promises to bring smiles and true joy to all.  I am going to pull out all my tricks that I have out of that good old black trusty knife box that so many of you have seen in the past.  Yes, it is kind of a running joke to many; my tool box of mine!  As I gaze around my kitchen right now, then glance over at my cook books, turn and stare into the cutting boards, and then, and finally, I focus like a laser beam on the dry ingredients, I ponder what I shall do exactly for our supper club.  I had it all ready to go, the idea and theme for this first Supper Club of 2012, but then I thought to myself, what would my guests like to have?  We could do four different themed nights!!! Or one night we could do an exquisite ingredient that must be in each of the 8 course; how fun!!!!!! I want to hear from you!  My guests, my guests who allow me the chance of displaying my art just so on a plate and allowing me to be a part of your lives, even if just for one night.  My team and I would like to hear from you about the foods you would like us to cook.  Or, just as a side note, we could do a mystery basket for each course.  WAIT,  I hear the saute pan calling my name as the olive oil reaches its smoking point.  I will check in often to see what you all have come up with and if my team and I use your idea, then you will receive dinner for two that night on us, 100%.  Bon Appetit!

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