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Never Forget The Importance of The Dining Room Set Up When You Hire The Laughing Pear Group

As a quote from one of our guests came into us we were beyond grateful.  “The dining room set up was as though we had walked into a 5 Star restaurant, but we were actually in our own home.  The dining room set up had even come with our own server.  What a treat it was and one we will never forget!”  This was from a guest who was more than happy to have here name attached to this.  Mrs. Grinwich.  They were quite the delight and we gave them a seven course tasting menu, which we hope they will never forget.  For me, not just as the owner, but also as a person who enjoys fine dining and all the things that go with it, believes that the service and dining room set up is just as important as the food.  We have to make sure the food is perfect of course, but with perfect food must come perfect service.  We set up our dining rooms with what is traditionally known as a “French” table set up.  In that we place all pieces of silver ware on the table.  Many restaurants actually “Mark” the table as they go.  Just a little inside info there.  When we are out to eat we of course are usually focused on fun with our guests.  Rarely, do we pay attention to the small things the servers are doing.  Also, with all this magnificent silver ware, we place a show plate on the table and a charger.  What a look.  Candle light is also something I adore and something we try to incorporate with each table setting.  As a matter of fact our server comes in an hour and a half earlier than the dinner is to be served to just concentrate solely on the table set up.  Polishing, buffing, setting, and getting ready for what we call “The Laughing Pear Experience” is just part of what are servers do for each and every one of our guests.  The next time or if it the first time you use our services, I ask you to look at all the small details we truly try to give to you, both in the service and the set up.  Also, I am now giving a complimentary course to those who read my blog.  All you have to do is mention it!  That simple.  Moreover, I am going to start giving great recipes right here on this, The Laughing Pear blog!  Bon Appetit as always, and remember – cooking is fun and by doing is the only way to truly learn!

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