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We invite you to listen to KPCW Radio on the Randy Barton Show on 6/7/11 at 5:15pm

Well, 16 days to go and we have a really nice following thus far.  You can listen to me, Chef Dave, on KPCW at 5:15pm to dicsuss our awesome “Under Ground Dinner”. Now it is  6:56 am and I am starting to work on our garden at home  The time has finally come, I believe, to have a wonderful Spring and wonderful Summer.  Today we will try to hit our local shopping and cannot wait!

I thought it would be pretty cool if I spoke of my culinary words with you that our in our 7 course tasting menu coming up on the 18th!

Culinary Word for the Day:  Mascarpone Cheese – This cheese originates from Italy’s Lombardy regiion.  Mascarpone is a very rich cheese which is a cow’s milk cheese and can range from a double cream to a triple cream cheese.  This cheese is a very soft cheese, a reletively mild cheese and can be used to enhance different flavors and textures.  To me it has the consistancy  of a ricotta almost.  The number one dish it is usually used in is a wonderful dessert calld “Tiramisu”  We will discuss at length at our dinner.!!  Try mascarpone, you may just love it!!:)

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