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18 Days and Counting /”Under Ground Supper Club Culinary Experience”

Here we are 18 days out from our first “Under Ground Supper Club Dinner Experience”!  How exciting!  We are lining up all our ducks in a row; staffing, product sourcing, and starting to go around our small town of Park City and Heber City to find the best of the best in local ingredients.  Tis the season upon us?  With all this moisture we may have a shorter growing season but I feel the growing season will be fast and furious, with bright colors in all produce and significantly larger sizes of fruits and vegetables.  Today we are going tro a local cheese store in Midway to see what we can find.  For any event and especially for our “Supper Club Events” we will go local and organic as much as possible.

Culinary word of the day – “Mise en place”  A french term which refers to having all ingredients necessary for a dish prepared and ready to go for service.  In other words if you need chopped garlic and chopped shallots for a dish you would have it done and ready to go before you make the dish.  Basically, it is gathering all your ingredients together and having them all prepped and ready to go so when you make your recipe you can rock it out!

Well, signing off for now and will report back after our day at the local markets!!!

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