“It is tough to look at the bill first before getting your food”…..Chef Dave


Hello to all my loyal fans.  What little I have, or even if any, I am fine with that!  Sometimes I will just come on here and write what is on my mind.  Today is one of those days and I hope I never offend anyone when posting on my blog…..

It starts like this: We here at The Laughing Pear Group often run into a small problem.  Not  a big one of course but we live in a beautiful ski town and guests come here to ski and have a great vacation.  That is what we want and we want all of you, our gusts to keep coming back.  This may be a bit risky to share and I am taking a chance even bring it up.  I too understand how our business works.  We are not on the cheap.  We use organic ingredients and the best of all proteins.  For example, prime tenderloin is a must here, organic chicken breast is a must, “Snake River Farm” products are a must, “Tasman” Salmon, which I have to get flown in n 20 pound increments is a must.  European butter that is double the price of regular butter is a must, “Maytag” blue cheese is always a staple, as well as the true Regianno Parmigiano from Italy is a must.  These are staples here  TLPG.  We know you must see out prices first before eating and tasting the product which makes it so much harder to sell  would not believe it.  Let us say you go to any good restaurant on Main Street in Park City and you are easily paying $10 to$16 a salad, $12 to $16 soup, $38 to $58 an entree and $12 to $16 a dessert.  Adds up and no one minds paying it and if you do, to bad.  Oh yes, and let us not forget the gratuity.  Plus, with us you can have as much food as you want.  and I always quarentee each and every “EXPERIENCE”.  I often hear guests say, “We should do this more often.  And we do not have to worry about the kids”!  IT IS TRULY AN EXPERIENCE OF A LIFE TIME.  Sure we all love to go out to eat, but the crowds, noise and hoping your steak comes out cooked right;if not, you will be starting to eat when the rest of your group is done.

I know many places like TLPG in various cities and they have the same problem at times, so this was written for them as well as us.

Good night and remember, it never hurts to try some something new!

Your humble and happy Chef Dave