Part 2 of our 3 Days at Biggest Log Cabin in USA with The Laughing Pear Group

Hello to all culinary lovers, foodies, Chefs, students, and so on.  I just got off the phone with  a potential new Chef who may be joining us here at TLPG.  So awesome; half my age and sounds passionate just like I was at his age.  Let us all wish him all the best if he decides to come on board.

So last week I spoke about this amazing experience we had in the biggest log cabin in the entire country.  I am still looking back and thinking of new things I did not see when I was there.  A total brain overload was what it was; in a good way of course!! We did six meal periods for these 9 gentleman and boy did they become big fans.  I never like to act egotistical in any way, but my team did such a great job.  Everything, literally, everything for every meal period was perfect.  Not just the food, but I have to say our front o the house team was superb.  What more could a Chef/Owner ask for.  I GIVE MY TEAM 5 STARS ACROSS THE BOARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN SERVICE, COOKERY, CONDUCT, & PROFESSIONALISM, BUT MOST OF ALL I WANT TO THANK JESS FOR BEING THE BEST FRONT OF THE HOUSE MANAGER FOR THAT EVENT AND ALL THE REST!!  THANK YOU TEAM!  CHEF APPRECIATES YOU ALWAYS.  As always,’Good food brings smiles to all”……

Also here are some pics from that special three day event: (Actually just one, more will be forthcoming)

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