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Latest Experience With The Laughing Pear

This was an unbelievable evening.  Our guests were the best.  I must say as a Chef I think I perform better when I know it is for guests who appreciate and enjoy the finer things in life.  Of course, this could be in my head.  I asked my guests if I could share their words with the world.  They said of course!!  How kind.  There are some good eggs left in the world today.   As tough as it is for many of my Chf friends and family out there in this economy, good people still preside over the bad.  Eating brings smiles to all was a term I dubbed a few years back and I think that it is so true.
Hello Chef Dave,We just got home from your beautiful Park City!
We are all still talking about and reliving the phenomenal dinner you prepared for us!
Without exception, every course was as promised: a unique and delicious experience!
The food was exceptional, the presentation was beautiful, the service was impeccable and your attention to detail was beyond incredible! The time you spent preparing the dinner and cleaning up the kitchen after the meal was beyond expectation!  The kitchen was spotless – if we didn””t know better- we would never have known you had been there! Our only regret is that we didn””t schedule more dinners with you !!
You truly created an evening to remember!

I also just want to give a mention to the love of my life; my lovely and amazing wife Kristine Zanno Kratky.  Tomorrow we celebrate 10 years of marriage.  She is so good to me and I am one, if not the luckiest Chef in the world to have a wife like her.  Sometimes us Chefs have this thing called tunnel vision.  It can be good or can be bad.  I say that because sometimes I immerse myself in so much work I make no time for her.  But going to bed every night with her by my side brings joy and happiness to me on a level that is indescribable.   Happy Anniversary Babe!  We are going to spend the day together.  I mean together!  No phone, no email, no computer, just her and I.

Goodnight and God bless,


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