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June 16, 2012 Transendent Supper Club Experience

Wow, the date is coming fast!  As I look at my menu, I need to start procuring ingredients from around the local area; from across the country, and from across the globe.  An amazing feet at times.  But this is what we do as Chefs.  We need to think fast, on our feet, and with all of our senses.  It is truly a glorious time here in Park City too.  The temp has finally hit into the high 70”s and maybe even 80!  Clear blue sky as far as the eye can see too.  Wow, I just told my wife that I have never seen a sky this blue in sunny south FLA!  Our garden is just starting to kick into high gear as well.  I grow zinnias with great passion and pride.  They are edible indeed, as are those other tiny little flowers of joy, those Johny Jump Ups that is.  We grow it all at the Kratky household don”t you know!  You name it, if it is a vegetable that is, those little shoots of joy coming up all around us.  Spring is that great time of year for any truly adoring Chef!  What those little seeds bring forth is truly a gift from above and for this the Kratkys are eternally grateful.  On the note of basil in the air I will close out this blog and look forward to you coming to our amazing Supper Club on June 16, 2012.  Bon Appetit!

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