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Our 2011/2012 Winter Season Is Upon Us

Well, I always like to start off with saying thank you to all who have used our service or to those who are getting ready to.  Even those who are thinking about using our service.  Many guests forget we use organic ingredients when ever possible.  There are three major reasons I have chosen to run the business with this strict rule.  1.  Healthier 2. Tastes Amazing 3. Better for farming and for our planet.  That is pretty simple!  The only thing about organics, besides what I just mentioned they cost me more money.  I really hope our guests understand this and this is why we are a bit more expensive.  Plus we really try to stick to 5 Diamond standards across the board.

I really want to hear from you!  I want to know what you think make our business different than other private chef services in Park City.

Bottom line, I want you the guest to be happy and think WOW!  Let it snow ad let your Thanksgiving be glorious and magical.

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