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Great Cooking Class Tonight – A Mother and her Son

Wow was tonight a fun night.   I did a cooking class for a 16 year old male and his mother.  She set it all up for him and I must say he is a very bright kid.  I believe he learned more than his fair share of cooking related material to say the least.  I do, I really do have a passion for teaching, especially a young stud who enjoys cooking.  It is an art, a science if you will and that is what it is truly all about.  I ask that all who are interested in the culinary arts continue on, seek new and exciting recipes, experiment as much as you can, and most important of all is continue to learn the art of food.  Remember, it is just food.  Do not be afraid of  it, learn to understand it, become one with what you are making and always believe you can do anything you want.  As I mentioned to my young student today, “Learn from every dish you make, learn how to make it better the next time and always do everything better than you did the time before”.  Good night to all culinary artist!!

1 thought on “Great Cooking Class Tonight – A Mother and her Son”

  1. I remember the cooking class I attended last year and it was awesome.
    Learned a lot and had a blast!
    Highly recommend Chef Dave’s cooking class to everyone!

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