“Under Ground/Supper Club” 7 Course Tasting Menu

We did not get a chance to visit our local shops and vendors today but is on the list for this week.  In the interem I wanted our guests to get a sneak preview of our menu for our “Supper Club Dinner Experience”.

Course One

Chilled Pink and Purple Asparagus Puree
Valencia Orange Essence ~ Sauce Mousseline ~ Crunchy Brioche Crisps

Course Two

Butter Poached Main Lobster
Orzo Pasta Enriched with Boursin Cheese ~ Lemon & Mango Gastrique ~ Fried Lemon Basil

Course Three

Slow Roasted Red and Golden Beet Terrine
Local Goat Cheese with a Pink Peppercorn Mousse ~ “Citrus Confit” ~ Baby Watercress
Bacon Roasted Hazelnuts ~ “50 Year” Balsamic Vinegar

Course Four

Cocoa Butter Seared Day Boat Scallop
Cobalt Carrot and Red Laced Spinach Couli ~ Black Truffle Cracklings ~ Cabernet Reduction

Course Five

Frozen Citrus Mousse
Summer Fruit Varietals ~ Veuve Cliquot Ponsardin ~ Cherry Biscotti

Course Six

Sage Roasted “Rocky Moountain Elk” Tenderloin 
Wild Mushroom Souffle ~ Crispy Adirondack Blue Potato ~ Red Currant Glace  
Salad of Micro Herbs with “Cherry” Vinaigrette

Course Seven

Warm Molten Chocolate Cake
Blackberry Compote ~ Cinnamon Creme Auglaize ~ Coffee Enriched “Milk Shake”

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