16 Days Until Our “Sublime Culinary Experience”

We are savoring the time we have to get ready for out exciting event.  A Sublime Culianry Experience is what we will present and then some.  Each day my team and I are working on ways to truly make this the best experience in The Laughing Pears’ history.  SUPRISES will be revealed.

We do, indeed, hope this becomes Park Cities premiere Supper Club Experience.  Why you may ask?  We want to make you, our guests happy!  Moreover, we want to bring to Park City amazing flavors, textures, and styles that are not found very often  in Park City.  Our events will become an inspiration to all our guests we sincerely hope, in many magical and mystical ways.

We are filling up rather quickly; quickly than we expected and for that we are grateful!  Thank you to Park City and to all our great cities across America.  16 days to go…..day 15 tomorrow

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