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15 Days and 15 Seats Sold for our “Sublime Culinary Experience”

Very cool.  15 and 15 I like it.  It is Saturday and plenty of menus to write.  I should say I have actually just finished them.  The life of a Private Chef/Business owner like myself is never dull.  I have been writting menus for a long long time.  With The Laughing Pear Group alone it has been since January of 2007.  So last week I had the privelage of being asked by one of the best concierge companies in the world to produce menus for their three day event they are going to have here in Park City.  The people on top of the food chain, way up on top of their food chain will be there, so to me it is a true honor and privleage that someone would trust me to run their food and beverage operations for them.  I had one of my good friends call me today, ask me what I was doing, I told him and then he said to me “Why do you always write new menus for your ladies and gentleman?”  I said good question.  Why do I?  I really could not answer to say but “Becasue they deserve it!  That is what they are paying for.  It is an exclusive privelage, in my opinion, to have a private chef.  I want them to get the special treatment, even if they do not know it. ”  I continued,”I really feel and believe just like in food art that when you do soemthing with love it always shows through!”  Just like in life.  Cook with your passion and love for the culinary arts and for keeping the true art of the field going and your end product will be absolutlely astounding.  Just some of my thoughts at this time, at 5:27 pm.  This is cool, very cool.  I have been awaiting this time because my culinary word/phrase for the day is perfect for the way I am feeling today.  Summer and Spring feel, finally.  For some reason the word lemon is coming to my mind.  Nothing like fresh lemons.  Being from South Florida I know how good a fresh lemon is.  I want to mention another kind of lemon. 

The Meyer Lemon – it is really a lemon like a crossover between an orange and a lemon, or I have heard a cross between a tangerine and a lemon.  These lemons are much less acidic then our lemons and have a smell to them that is just delicious.  Of course, I love our lemons too.  The Meyer generally runs in season November thru May and maybe June at the latest if your lucky.  Mr. Meyer actually brought the lemon over from China, hence the name.  Yes, 1908 a long time ago.  Check them out, they are awesome.  Even if you have to wait until November.

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